Chic Goth

Hey guys! This is our very first blog post.
Today we’re going to talk about chokers, the new comeback in town and also our customised look of the week.
So basically before going into the look let us talk about the history of chokers. Chokers were first seen during the French Revolution, mostly worn by the royals. Alexandra the Princess of Wales wore many choker necklaces which contained many rows of pearls and velvet to hide a scar on her neck. Women in Bombay began to follow the style statement of Alexandra, however their chokers not only consisted of pearls,but also other gems.


This is a minimalistic look which can be achieved by pairing a black off shoulder top with the lace choker complementing the bold red lips. The Chic look has been achieved by the red lips, and the off-shoulder top, and the emphasis on the colour black has brought out the gothic look.


To be more Chic, pair this look with a metallic choker and Cat-Eye Glasses! IMG_1111.JPG

TIP : Narrow shouldered individuals should opt for boat necks more often, so as to emphasise their shoulders, and make them appear bigger.

Model : Ambalika Deb Roy
Photographer : Arhita Biswas.

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