DIY Friendship Day Gifts

Hey guys! With Friendship day being  this Sunday, DoubledotA decided to bring you some DIY tricks for your last minute  gifts!

The US Congress proclaimed that the first Sunday of August is to be celebrated as The National Friendship Day in 1935. Since then it became an annual event. Soon, other countries adopted this practice of celebrating a day dedicated to friends. In 1997 Winnie the Pooh was named as the Ambassador of Friendship by the United States!

  1. Brush  Kit :


Things required :  A thick fabric , fabric glue and a ribbon.


Step 1:  Make a crease on your fabric and fold it as per your required pocket size. Start applying glue from one side, and apply them in perpendicular lines till the crease.

Step 2 :  Fold the fabric, and let the glue dry for a while. You can use heavy books to put pressure, and for a speedier process.

Step 3:  Take a piece of ribbon and fold it in two, and then place it on one edge of the folded fabric. Use fabric glue to fix it firmly.

Step 4 : Now you can add the brushes, pencils, pens, and such other things in the pockets.

Step 5 : Start folding the fabric from the side where the ribbon is not attached

Step 6 : Tie it up with the ribbon.

See picture below for the steps.


This is a perfect gift for your artist friend, or a friend who is crazy about make-up! 🙂

2.Wall Art

Now this is completely upto you, but we here have shown you one easy example which you can give a shot to. 🙂
















Things we need : A cardboard, a black chart paper, puzzle pieces, pearl metallic colour/ metallic dust with a medium, white paint, brushes, and glue.


Step 1 : Colour the puzzle pieces in any metallic shade. Colour the back side of the piece which is usually white, or you can apply white paint and let it dry, and then apply the metallic paint. For something extra, you can always add  glitter on some of the pieces. Let the paint dry.

Step 2:  Cut the cardboard in your desired size, and cut the black chart paper in the same size. Paste the chart paper on the cardboard, and let it dry.

Step 3: First, arrange your puzzle pieces in the way you want it to be, and then paste them on to the chart paper. There you have it!

See picture below.


3. Coasters :


Things you need :  Pictures, cardboard, mod pudge, glue and scissors.


Step 1 : Cut out the pictures. These can be patterns and designs, or maybe pictures of you and your friend to give it a more personal touch!

Step 2 : Cut the desired shapes out of the cardboard — circles, squares, rectangles, polygons. Go crazy!

Step 3 : Paste the pictures on the cardboard shapes with glue, or you can apply mod pudge under the cardboard and then place the pictures, to give it a 3D look.

So you have your coasters ready! See picture below. 😀


4. Boxed Love:



Things you need : A cookie box or any  transparent jar, scrapbook papers, ribbons or any other decorative strap, pearl metallic colour, brush, stick notes, thermocol balls, felt tip pen, glitter powder, fevicol, any plastic toy and some candies.




Step 1 : Colour the jar lid with the metallic colour any other colour of our choice. You can also make designs if you wish to. Put one coat of fevicol on the plastic toy and cover it up with glitter powder.

Step 2 : Cuts the scrapbook paper into small chits and write anything you want to express. We here have written about 50 reasons why we love our BFF. You can also write about 50 memories or 50 wishes.

Step 3 : Fill in the jar with these lovely messages and some colourful thermocol balls and your BFF’s faourite candy.

Step 4 : Decorate the jar from outside by tying ribbons or laces or with a y decorative straps and put a stick on into it featuring a title for your cherished memories or lovely messages! 🙂

See pictures below.

BeFunky Collagewwwwww

You can give these DIYs a try! We all love something made with love and care ( even if it’s last minute gifts 😉 ), than something store bought! So ditch those store bought cards and gifts, and make something with your hands and shower love this Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day! ❤


























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