Grunge, also referred to as Seattle Sound , is a sub-genre of alternative rock that emerged during the mid 1980s, in Washington, particularly in Seattle. Grunge usually infuses elements of punk rock and heavy metal. The lyrics of the songs were mostly angst-filled, addressing issues of social alienation, apathy, and desire for freedom.

Grunge also became an anti-consumerist movement. If you spent less money buying clothes, you became “cooler”. It went against the flashy apparel usually seen in the 80’s. It became an anti-fashion and anti-conformist fashion trend.



Grunge is a popular comeback. Grunge fashion consists of ripped jeans, mom jeans, flannel shirts, band t-shirts, oversized knit sweaters, ripped tights, boots, sneakers, beanies and oversized glasses. Grunge look is about individuality, it is about non conformity , it is about long messy hair, and careless make up. Grunge is about attitude.


To get this look, we paired a white t-shirt with an oversized plaid shirt. Don’t go for skinny jeans, opt for more straight-cut ones or boyfriend jeans. Fold the ends. Keep your hair messy and make-up light and basic. Wear oversized shades, and/or add a beanie to this look!







TIP : Wear a maxi dress with large floral prints, and pair it up with a flannel or denim shirt. Wear hiking boots.

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Photographer:Ambalika Deb Roy ❤
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Model: Arhita Biswas ❤
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