I hug and link hands with my female friends most of the time, and even cuddle with them. I have seen a number of girls share such a relationship with their friends. Seems like a very normal thing, doesn’t it? It is, we are friends after all. Moreover we are girls.


Now imagine boys doing the same. Creeped out,huh? Boys are taught since childhood to be strong, to be manly, to be adventurous, all this is fine, but why is the definition of man so limited?

Why do guys hesitate being close to their male friends? Is it because  they are taught from their childhood what is the appropriate behaviour for straight males? Or is it because of the stereotypes created by media, and the taboo interlinked with it? Maybe all this is just an expression of homophobia.


This lack of physical affection among male friends makes men demand it from their romantic partners in excess. As all of them cannot express their true feeling with their friends, they are emotionally close to their girlfriends. They don’t feel able to spread it out and the girl ends up doing all the emotional labour.

Why isn’t crying or expressing emotions included in it? We all cried when we were babies, then from what point did the act of crying get assigned to only girls? Or is it that crying is a sign of weakness? Crying makes you more like a girl, (which we all know is the biggest insult), or gay ( dude, seriously catch up on reality)?  img_9455
    And to think about it crying has a lot of benefits, it releases toxins, kills bacteria and improves your vision.It improves your mood and relieves you of stress, and leads to better communication between two people. Hugging is the best therapy. It creates trust and makes you feel safe. It boosts oxytocin levels and you don’t feel lonely, sad or angry anymore. A hug increases serotonin levels and elevates mood and creates happiness. It boosts self esteem. So have a good cry and go hug your friends, no matter what your gender is. Express your emotions and dont hold yourself back. Who doesn’t love a good hug afterall?img_9472

Why should we assign particular actions and behaviour to a gender? Why do we have to make the world such a black and white place?Why make certain behaviour stronger than the other? Let’s break stupid gender roles!



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